General Information: ANTIA ULTRA PREMIUM GUN PU FOAM is an one component professional assembly and filling foam which yields to the ultimate volume. It is a multipurpose foam and cured by humidity of air.
Application: For fixing doors, windows and similar frames, filling holes, used in insulation of hot and cold water pipes and electrical equipments, fill up the gaps, holes and cracks. Can be shaved, sandpapered and painted after it get hardens in 1 to 3 hours. Bonds to all kinds of building materials except silicone, teflon, polyethylene and polyproplene. It is resistant to every kind of weather conditions, seawater, steam and moisture. Not easy flammable.
Directions For Use: •Shake the can strongly for 30 seconds. •Install the foam gun on the can •Remove the dirt, dust and grease from the application place and moisture it by water. (Moisturing the ground and released foam is important for accelerating the reaction and obtaining a productive result). •Turn the can upside down and press the trigger. •For later applications, dried foam residue should be removed from the pipe and valve. •Smeared foam residue can be cleaned by ANTIA PU FOAM CLEANER. •Since foam tenders to expand, proper quantities should be used.
Expiry Date: 15 months after production date. 
Production date is on the can.
Title Properties
Curing System: Moisture
Skin Forming Time: 8-10 min
Cutting Time: 30-45 min
Ultimate Elongation (%): 19
Tensile Strength: 3 N/cm²
Density: 17-20 kg/m³
Thermal Resistance: -40°C to +100°C
Yield: 70 lt
Closed Cell Content (%): 70-80
Thermal Conductivity: 25-30 ? W/m.K
Application Temperature: 0ºC /+35ºC
Storage Temperature: 0ºC /+30ºC