General Information: ANTIA Siliconized Mastic is one-part, elastic, acrylic based sealant. Can be used for all applications except aquariums. •Easy application. •Over-paintable. •Can be easily smoothed and levelled out. •Form permanently water repellent layer after curing. •Keeps flexibility quite a while after curing. •Good weathering, UV and water resistance. 
Application: Used for indoor and outdoor applications: •PVC, aluminium and wooden panel installation. •Joints between door /window frames and the wall, staircase and the wall. •Joints at washbasin, bathtub, closets, tiles and ceramic. •For cracks in walls, wood, plaster, aluminium, brick and concrete. 
Directions for Use: •Make sure the surface to be applied is dry and clean, free of dust and grease. •Stick both sides of surface with tapes. •Cut the cartridge tip and place it in the gun. •Cut the cannula tip and insert into the cartridge. •Apply the mastic. •Smooth mastic with water after application and remove tapes. •Protect against water for 24 hours after application. 
Safety: Keep away from reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale. Avoid freezing. Store in a cool and dry place. 
Expiry Date: 15 months after production date. 
Production date is on the product.
Title Properties
Curing System: Acrylic Dispersion
Skin Forming Time: 15-45 min
Curing Time: 1-2 mm per day
Ultimate Elongation (%): Greater than 200
Elastic Modulus at 100%: ≥ 0,20 Mpa
Max. Tensile Strength : ≥ 0,30 Mpa
Tensile Strength: ≥ 0,10 Mpa
Density: 1,58 ± 0,03 g/cm³
Volume Shrinkage (%): 31
Weight Loss (%): 20
pH: 7,5-9
Application Temperature: +5ºC /+40ºC
Storage Temperature: +5ºC /+35ºC