General Information: ANTIA POLYURETHANE FOAM CLEANER is used for cleaning all polyurethane based chemicals, more effective if used before curing. Prolongs life of the gun if used properly and timely and removes polyurethane residues.
Application: Used for cleaning foam gun as well as those places where foam has contaminated unintentionally. 
Direction For Use: Shake well the can before use. Tightly secure the can onto gun. Trigger the gun until cleaner gets out of the gun. The residue can also be cleaned before curing. Unsecure and remove the can from the gun. Use gloves and protective glasses during application.
•Can be used in all positions
•Particularly designed for cleaning the foam gun
•Actuator is included for removing the foam from the gun adapter.
Expiry Date: 34 months after Production date. Production date is on the can.
Title Properties
Basis: Solvent Mixture
Application Temperature: -10ºC / +35ºC
Storage Temperature: -10ºC / +35ºC