General Information: POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE GUN FOAM is a one component polyurethane adhesive foam for bonding of EPS and XPS panels which provide thermal insulation to outside and inside of buildings.
Application: It has excellent an adhesion power to adhere the panels to the most popular building materials, concrete, plaster, brick, wood, cement, PVC, bitumen membranes, rigid PUR foams. Shake the can strongly for 30 seconds. Install the pistol by twisting onto the can.
Directions For Use: Remove the dirt, dust and grease from the application. Turn the can upside down and press the trigger. Use adhesive on the board perimeter with a 3 cm wide line, keeping a 2 cm distance from the edges, and a single line across the board centre. Join the board with the wall right after the product application, press slightly and adjust the panelboard. Fixed panels can be anchored and plastered in 2 hours.
Expiry Date: 15 months after production date. 
Production date is on the can.
Title Properties
Curing System: Moisture
Skin Forming Time: 8-10 min
Tack Time : 5 min
Cutting Time: 15-20 min
Ultimate Elongation (%): 19
Tensile Strength: 3 N/cm²
Density: 17-20 kg/m³
Thermal Resistance: -40°C to +100°C
Yield: 2cm width 14m² / 3cm width 10m²
Closed Cell Content (%): 70-80
Thermal Conductivity: 25-30 M W/m.K
Application Temperature: 0ºC /+35ºC
Storage Temperature: 0ºC /+30ºC