General Information: Water-resistant PVAc based laminate parquet glue, produced in accordance with DIN EN 204 D3 Norms. 
Easy application. High adhesion power. Flexible.
Application: Assembling of laminate parquets, manufacturing of windows, doors, timber beams, bathroom and kitchen furnitures, glueing of MDF and wooden profiles. Especially used on all wooden surfaces which are exposed to water or humidity.
Directions for Use:
The surface to be applied should be clean and dry, free of dust and grease. The parts to be applied should be compatible one to another. Gluing process is completed by applying the adhesive to the surfaces in strip form according to manufacturer instructions. Residue of glue can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Full curing time is 6 to 12 hours after application.
Safety: Keep away from reach of children as the cap is closed.
Expiry Date: 15 months after production date. Production date is on the product.
Title Properties
Chemical Basis: PVAc
Total Solids (% ±1): 50
pH: 4±1
Mft (ºC): 18
Viscosity: 50,000
Density: 1,01 g/cm³
Tg (ºC) : 20
Application Temperature: +5ºC /+35ºC
Storage Temperature : +5ºC /+35ºC