General Information: ANTIA Glue Stick is a slowsetting, high viscosity, general purpose adhesive. Odourless. High bond strength. Easy to use Environmentally friendly.
Application: Used for bonding metals, leather, ceramic, porcelain, most plastics, hard and soft woods, paper, cardboard, fabric and masonry. Ideal for DIY tasks, household repairs, craft and hobby works. Not suitable for applications in direct contact with soft PVC, PE and PS.
Directions for Use: Plug in the glue gun. Load the glue stick into the back of the gun. Press trigger several times until the glue stick is firmly set into the inlet tube. Allow the glue gun warm up for approximately 5-7 minutes. Trigger the adhesive stick until glue flows from the nozzle. Do not spread the glue over the surface. Press surfaces together right after the application. Unplug the glue gun when finished.
Safety: Never pull the glue sticks of the back of the glue gun. Avoid touching any part of the glue gun other than its handle and trigger when it is hot. Keep unused adhesives in closed carton and away from dusty area. Keep away from reach ofchildren.
Expiry Date: 24 months after production date. Production date is on the product.
Title Properties
Chemical Basis: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Appearance: Clear, Translucent
Appearance: Clear, Translucent
Softening Point: 86ºC ± 3
Density: 1,05 g/cm³
Storage Temperature : -20ºC /+35ºC