General Information: Thixotropik, two–components, epoxyacrylate based anchoring resin. Applied with its special gun and static mixer. Cures rapidly. Allows for close anchor spacing between fixing parts. Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications.
Application: Can be used for threated rod anchoring, rebar dedowelling, fixing to hollow materials, solid concrete, natural stones and granite, cable channells, pipe joints, metal profiles, kitchen and bathroom fittings.
Directions for Use: Take off the screw cap. Screw the static mixer on the apposite injection cartridge. Insert the cartridge in the gun. Make the gun in operation until the resin pouring out has turned into a uniform grey. The anchor is ready to use. Do not use the first 10 cm. Instructions for Solid Materials: Use an appropriate bit for drilling. Remove dust from the hole. Inject the resin until filling 2/3 of the drill hole. Press the anchor rod by manual turning (see gel time). See curing time to know when the anchor can be loaded. Instructions for Hollow Materials: Use an appropriate bit fordrilling. Insert the apposite perforated sleeve. Inject the resin. Insert the anchor rod according to gel time. See curing time to know when the anchor can be loaded.
Safety: Wear suitable hand and face protections. In case of skin contact, wash your skin with plenty of water and soap.
Expiry Date: 15 months after production date.
Production date is on the product.
Title Properties
Chemical Basis: Epoxy
Skin Forming Time: 10 min
Viscosity: >60 S ISO2431
Curing Time: 15-20 min
Flash Point (°C): 53°C
Density: 1,65 - 1,75
Application Temperature: +5ºC /+30ºC
Storage Temperature: +5ºC /+25ºC